What You Need To Know Before Buying in Sun City Az

Carla Young
Carla Young
Published on April 22, 2021
    Sun City is a great place to live, either for the winters or year round.  People from all over the nation call it home.   But before you come to enjoy the Sun City lifestyle… there are a few things you should know about.  
    You’ve done your research and found this great place in the desert.   You want to move here and start looking for homes.   But like all communities and cities… there are things unique to this area.. that you’ll want to know about before you make a home purchase.
  #1.. Sun City is an age restricted community.  At least one person living in the home must be 55 years or older.   And no one under the age of 19 can live in the home full time.   But this is a community of grand parents and lots of children come here to visit and enjoy family and fun.   Kids can swim at three pools here every day during specific times…. The pools are at the Lakeview, Marinette and Mountain View Rec centers.
  #2.. HOAs.. the age restriction rule is one of the regulations from the Sun City Home Owners Association or SCHOA.  The purpose of SCHOA, as described on their website… is “to preserve Sun City property values through the fair and consistent application of the cc&Rs..”    These rules apply to all single family detached homes.. and are there to keep the community the beautiful place it is today.   And while home owners are required to follow  the rules, membership in SCHOA is voluntary…. $25 a year right now.   With your membership you can access the association’s business directory to find companies and contractors for local goods and services.  All companies are vetted by SCHOA.   As a member, you can also get a copy of your home’s plot plan and floorplan.  You can see the Sun City HOA rules and their website here.
Properties which are not single family homes have their own  associations…. And each of those have their own regulations.  If you are interested in a property that’s in a condo association check the rules… many don’t allow rentals and some don’t allow pets.
  #3  Change of ownership fee.   When you buy a property in Sun City, there will be a fee charged to you.. called a preservation and improvement fee and it’s payable to the recreation centers of Sun City.  Currently it’s $3500.   These funds are saved and used for major improvement and construction projects as needed at the recreation centers.  The newest is the Grand Rec center, located on Grand just west of 103rd Avenue.   #4 Annual recreation fees.  Each year… on the anniversary of your purchase… you’ll pay the recreation centers a fee to use the facilities.   Currently it’s $496 for the year.   Two people per property can get a rec center card and use the 8 recreation centers here.  There are many different activities available .. and lots of clubs.  There’s something to do for anyone… All of the rec centers have at least one pool and a fitness center.. then some have other things… like tennis courts, bowling.. shuffleboard.. bocce ball.    For a list of the various activities at each rec center….
Click the link here to download a copy.     Also as a member you can play at any of the 7 golf courses for a reduced rate.        In comparison to other retirement communities… the fees here are very low.  Here’s a list of some of the fees charged at other communities throughout the country…

 You can see Sun City is a great value!    This list can be found on the rec centers website at www.suncityaz.org.     Finally you should know that Sun City is just nine miles away from Luke Air Force Base… located to the southwest.    Luke is a training base for pilots and there is a lot of jet traffic surrounding the base.   Here is a  map of the flight patterns around the base, and here is where Sun City is…..     So when you live here… you’ll see and hear the jets flying to and from Luke and you may be asked to sign an addendum that you know about the air force base when you write an offer for a home here.
    So now you’re in the know about the important things here in Sun City that will come up in a home purchase… so you’ll be ready.  I can’t wait to help you on your retirement home journey.  If you have any questions about Sun City or home purchase here in Arizona.. please let me know… I’m here to help.     

Sources: Sun City Home Owners Association website.. https://suncityhoa.org/

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