Save Yourself From Home Selling Stress In Sun City, Arizona

Carla Young
Carla Young
Published on June 8, 2021

Selling your Sun City, Arizona home stress free by being prepared before the sale.

We all know that moving isn’t fun.  And when you’re selling a house…it can be even harder.   In today’s market once you put your home up for sale it goes into escrow quickly and now you’re under a timeline and have to get certain things done for the sale.   It can become overwhelming.

But there are things you can do now… before you even put your home on the market… to save you loads of pain later.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful if you are prepared… before the home even goes on the market.

Here’s an easy plan for getting ready.   If you get these things done before putting the home up for sale.. the entire process will be much easier. 

There are three areas of preparation for your home sale and move.  Preparing yourself for the transition, preparing the property and preparing the documents.

First, preparing yourself and your family.  Make a plan for what you will pack and take with you.. and what you’ll leave behind.   Of the things you’ll leave behind will you donate them, sell them or throw them away?    Plan for the moving truck or moving company.  Think about the things you won’t be using much and start packing them.   Choose the things that you use every day which will be the last to be packed and have them in a separate place.  Set aside the keys remotes and other items which stay in the house.  

Second: prepare the home. 

  When you start packing away the things you don’t use every day that will help with the overall appearance of a home for sale.  

See about doing any small repairs needed before marketing the home.

The house should be clean and in decent shape.

Hire a cleaner and carpet cleaner if needed. 

Once these things are done, the home would be ready to be professionally photographed.

If the home will have a lockbox.. you’ll need to have an extra key for that… so agents can access the home for showings.

    And while on the subject of showings… think about which times will be good to have the property shown.   You should not be home during buyer showings.  Also decide what to do with your pets during showings.

The third in the process is the documents.

Having the sale documents done beforehand will save you a lot of stress later.   You’ll have the listing the house contract to sign with the real estate company.   Then there are documents to prepare now which will be used after a buyer is found for the home.   You’ll fill out a sellers disclosure statement telling the buyer what you know about the property.    If you have an hoa,  call the hoa and get information on the fees and transfer fees which will be charged during the sale and with that information you can fill out the HOA addendum.  That will be given to the buyers to let them know about the charges they will pay to transfer the property and the regular fees.

There’s also what is called a CLUE report you’ll have made for the buyers.  This is a letter from your insurance company disclosing any claims made on the property over the past five years.  This report will also be given to the buyer.   You can contact your insurance company and they will generate this letter for you.

If you have a mortgage on the property.. you can contact your lender and have them prepare a payoff .. the escrow company will need that to pay off your loan with the proceeds of the sale.   And if there are items which are under warranty, say a newer roof for instance.. have the warranty paperwork set aside so you can give a copy of that to the buyer.

Now you can relax a bit.. knowing that you are ready.   If you’d like a copy of the list…. I’ve made one in pdf form… just click on the link below this video to download a copy.

Here’s a link for the PDF of preparation for your Sun City, Arizona home sale:

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